The Business Vision Day


What is a Business Vision Day?

The Business Vision Days are highly effective one to one Coaching and Mentoring sessions which are completely focused on you and the achievement of your business goals.  It is an intensive and focused client driven programme tailored to you and your business.

Who is it for?

The Business Vision Days are ideal for Independent HR Consultants who want to make a significant change in their business.

My Clients have used Business Vision Days to,

  • Entirely restructure their business and the type of business model they are currently using.
  • Create a new way of selling their services to their clients – looking at how they package up their services and how they charge for them.
  • Map out the process for introducing a change – either to the way their business is managed or to introduce a new element to the business that will result in a significant change to the way they work.
  • Create a personalised system for signing up clients for their business so that they are able to have a proactive roadmap for Business Growth (basically a way of working that doesn’t rely on stumbling across someone needing your services!)
  • Map out the entire process of creating and launching their business.  We focus on creating a process they can follow to attract and sign up their  first 5 – 10 Clients.
  • Work through the pros and cons of transitioning from Employee to Business Owner to decide if it is the right move for them.

These are a just a few examples of the ways a Business Vision Day could work for your current situation.

There are no modules to work through, no pre-recorded sessions you need to find time for, it is all personal 1-2-1 training and support so you can set and achieve your goals.

How does it work?

  • Before the Business Vision Day to will be sent a pre coaching questionnaire to complete and return to me – this will really get you thinking about your goals and will assist me in structuring the Business Vision day for you.
  • We will spend a day (usually 5 hours) together creating the Business Vision Plan for your Consultancy Practice and putting together a tailored step by step plan for success.  It is a very personalised day and the exact structure will depend on where you are starting from and what your goals are.
  • 2 x 1 hour Coaching sessions to be taken within one month of the Business Vision Day.  These sessions will usually take place on Zoom, Skype or by phone and are there to support you with implementing your Business Vision Plan and taking the actions you committed to.  It also allows us to make any amendments or changes you need going forward.
  • You will get ongoing email support from me from the point of sign up until 48 hours after the second of the 1 hour sessions has been completed.
  • The Business Vision Days are currently priced at £497.00 (Nov 2017)

So if you are ready to take action, get rid of whatever is getting in your way and start building a business that is financially successful then the next step is to for you to


There is no obligation to sign up and I will tell you if I feel that a Business Vision Day would not be a good option for you – so don’t worry that you will end up being subjected to a hard selling approach.

Also, although this call is not a Coaching call I will usually try to give you some tips and suggestions based on what you tell me you are looking to achieve so the call will have value for you either way.

Tracey has a very personable, friendly tutoring/coaching style. She is very flexible, patient when necessary and adapted her approach and content to address my main issues efficiently and directly. We buzzed through a huge agenda and I learned a great deal. It helps that Tracey is simply a very nice person and each session was a pleasure. I would enthusiastically recommend her. (Ron Skilling )

Tracey is friendly and approachable and is great to work with. We are far more confident about our rates, processes and business structures now and she was great at guiding us through this. It was definitely worth the time and financial investment to work with Tracey. (Katherine Butler)


Where does the Business Vision Day take place? I am based in Cheshire and I use a lovely purpose built meeting venue in South Manchester for the Business Vision Days.  They are usually 10am – 4pm which allows for 5 hours of Coaching and an hour for lunch in the on-site cafe.  If travelling to the North West is not possible for you due to the distance then we can look at the options to meet and do the session at a mutually convenient location or I do offer the facility to do the Vision Day virtually on Zoom and this also works really well.

What if I don’t really know what exactly I want to do?  Will a Business Vision Day still work for me? We can discuss this on the call.  Generally speaking you will get more achieved if you do have some broad ideas about what you want to achieve but if you really have no idea at all then the Vision Day is a great way for you to generate your business idea and start to put a plan together.

Is a Day long enough? As you will notice from the details above there are also 2 additional 1 hour follow up sessions scheduled to take place after the Vision Day.  We will cover a huge amount of ground in the Day – much more than we would get through in 5 individual 1 hour sessions. You will end the day with a clear Business vision and a personalised plan for what you need to do in order to achieve your goals for your Business.