The Pricing Makeover Session


The Pricing Makeover Session is a 90 minute intensive 1:1 Zoom Session which will be ideal for you if,

  • You don’t know where to start with setting your prices
  • You are very nervous about getting your prices wrong and putting off potential clients
  • You don’t know how to find out what the market will support
  • You are always discounting and reducing your prices
  • When you don’t get the business your first thought is that it must be because your prices are too high
  • You have set your prices as low as you possibly can and you still find it quite difficult to make sales so you don’t see how you could ever increase them.
  • All the confidence you have when you are talking about the service you provide seems to disappear as soon as the conversation turns to the price.
  • Talking about prices makes you feel really uncomfortable.
  •  You don’t know what information you should be using when you are setting your prices so you fall back on things like
    • What other people are charging
    • What you used to earn as an Employee
    • The figure you have succeeded at making sales at in the past
    • What someone once told you they would be prepared to pay for Consultancy work.
  • You want to be able to state your prices confidently and stick to them but you regularly get challenged on the price and you feel like you have no choice other than reducing it if you want to get the business.
  • You are having to work twice as many hours as you used to when you were employed in order to keep your head above water financially.

Successful Pricing and Selling is about 95% confidence – but most of us feel like we have little or no confidence when it comes to setting our prices let alone increasing them.

In the Pricing Makeover session we will,

  • Review your current prices to identify where you can make changes
  • Discuss the different options and models you can use to set your prices
  • Look at where you want your business to be positioned in the market and how your Pricing Process can support this.
  • Identify any ways that your current Pricing Process may be sabotaging your business growth goals.
  • Identify your income goals and your Personal Day Rate
  • Create a process for introducing Price changes to current clients
  • Create a format for you to use when you set your prices
  • Uncover the hidden income opportunities in your business

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I look forward to working with you on your Pricing Success.