LinkedIn Mentoring for Independent HR Consultants



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LinkedIn Mentoring for Independent HR Consultants

This is a LinkedIn Programme with a difference.  This programme is about much more than giving you information.  If information was all that you needed then you would probably already be achieving your goals because let’s face it – there’s no shortage of information.  This programme is about supporting you to achieve real transformation.

During the 10 week 1 to 1 programme you will,

  • Be confidently using LinkedIn to generate leads and find clients for your business
  • Know exactly who you are speaking to on LinkedIn (because it isn’t everyone!) and what they need to know about you and your business in order to buy from you.
  • Create a series of clear messages for your target audience so they understand the value of what you are offering them – it’s not enough for them to need it, they have to want it and be prepared to pay for it.
  • Overhaul your LinkedIn Profile so that it does a lot of the Client Attracting work for you – Your profile is absolutely key to your success on LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to use the massively powerful LinkedIn search tools so that you can find the exact people you want to have in your network – this part alone will amaze you!
  • Greatly increase the numbers of targeted, ideal potential clients in your network.
  • No longer be bewildered or confused by LinkedIn.

Who is it for?

The LinkedIn Mentoring Programme is for Independent HR Consultants who know that there is a huge audience of ideal potential clients to be found on LinkedIn but who at the moment do not have a clear strategy in place to find them, connect with them, build on the relationship after connection and ultimately turn awareness into paid business.

If  you aren’t getting regular paid client work from your current LinkedIn activity then this is the programme for you.

How does it work?

This is a mentoring programme, not a training programme.   It is a 1 to 1 programme where I will work consistently with you for a period of 10 weeks to help you to achieve your Business Growth goals.  It is not a fixed structure programme either because everyone has different goals and is starting from a different place.

We work within the Business Growth system to identify where you need to focus your attention and which parts of the system are not currently working for you.


  • 1 x 90 minute Planning and Mapping Session
  • 4 x 60 minute implementation Sessions (Fortnightly)
  • All sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded so you can access the replays for 6 months.
  • In-LinkedIn mentoring*

(*In- LinkedIn Mentoring – ongoing accountability support for the duration of the programme – this includes setting targets for network growth, support and feedback on posts and profile amendments)

What does it cost?

The LinkedIn Mentoring for Independent HR Consultants Programme is available for £595.00 – for the majority of Consultants just one client gained through successfully using LinkedIn as a Client Attraction tool will more than cover the cost of the programme.  But of course the skills that you learn during the programme will enable you to use LinkedIn to gain new clients for months and years to come. 

Please note – clicking on the Buy Now button will redirect you to PayPal where you can purchase the programme.  If you would prefer to be directly invoiced then please send an email requesting this to and I will arrange to send one out to you. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

I have a no refunds policy but I do want you to be happy with your decision to sign up to the programme.  I am so confident that you will love this that my promise to you is that if, after our initial 90 minute Planning and Mapping Session you feel that it’s not the programme for you – I will refund 50 % of the fee you have paid for the remainder of the programme no questions asked (well I may ask for some feedback just to help me).

Client Reviews

The best 90 minutes of my week! If you’re a HR Consultant looking to improve your LinkedIn status I would highly recommend a one to one session with Tracey Hopkins.  The session was informative, relevant and inspiring.  Tracey has the ability to quickly connect with her clients and I came away with copious ideas, thoughts and action points to take on the world! Thank you Tracey! (Cassandra Andrews,

I recommend the LinkedIn Mentoring Programme with Tracey Hopkins.  I completed this recently.  Tracey’s advice was helpful and practical and she was very helpful and encouraging.  Thanks for your help Tracey. (Sue Hobson, Hobson HR)


I have recently completed the LinkedIn Mentoring Programme with Tracey Hopkins. I would describe myself as a technophobe and was starting from a very low level of LI completence.  I had next to no idea of the functionality of the platform or how to create posts and articles that people would want to read.  Tracey was extremely patient and kept things really simple without making me feel patronised! Her advice and support is extremely practical and her approach is client centred at the core.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and this programme.  I will definitely be seeking her out for further support in the future.  ( Ann McCuskey)

Before being introduced to Tracey Hopkins I viewed LinkedIn as a placeholder for me – one that someone, one day, might look at and say ‘I’d like to do business with this woman’.  Whilst there are people who like doing business with me (thank you!) they are not trawling through LinkedIn trying to find me – I know this because I didn’t get any business this way!  I could never understand why. I started off on a free webinar with Tracey and in the first 15 minutes I realised everything I had been doing wrong – wrong target audience, wrong message, wrong profile set up etc Better still, by 16th minute I already had ideas for what was right As soon as the call finished I booked to go onto Tracey’s LinkedIn Mentoring Programme and as a result of only making  a few of the changes inspired by Tracey I have grown my business – who knows what can be achieved when I continue on this journey of improvement and implementing all of the changes inspired by her. LinkedIn works!  I never knew it could!  Thanks Tracey – I look forward to our ongoing relationship. (Andrea Holton, Andrea Holton HR Consulting Services)