I need help to re-structure my Business


You have the Clients, your Business is making money – you should be delighted right? But you are working crazy hours, you have so much client work that your head is constantly spinning, you know you need help but you don’t have 5 mins to yourself to think about it,  you barely see your family  and you haven’t had a day off in as long as you can remember!

Sometimes success isn’t all it was cracked up to be.  Remember when you set up your Business and you dreamed of the day when you would have a full client book and the money was regularly coming in?  Somehow that dream didn’t involve working 60 – 70 hours a week, having to have more clients than you feel you can really deal with and continually feeling run off your feet and barely making it through the day.

So how did this happen?

If this is the situation you find yourself in then don’t despair – you certainly aren’t the first and you won’t be the last.  The problem is that we don’t ever really think about what type of business we actually want and how best to achieve that.  We are so focused on making sure that the money comes in and we can meet our financial responsibilities that we end up;

  • Taking any type of HR work that comes our way
  • Setting our prices far too low so that we have to have a lot of clients to get anywhere near achieving our business goals
  • Creating a business model that is based on selling our time so that once all the time has been sold we have no choice but to work lots more hours than we really ever intended to.
  • Setting up a Business that is completely reliant on our being there all day every day and clients that we have conditioned to expect us to be available to them around the clock.

You can only go on like this for so long and you know that something needs to change – but what? And how?  And you never seem to have time to decide what to do, never mind actually do it.  So it turns into one of those important items that you will definitely do something about at some time in the future when ‘everything settles down a bit’.

Well I hate to break it to you – but that time won’t be here anytime soon and you are probably going to have a take a deep breath and make some tricky decisions.  

But the good news is that it is unlikely to be anything like as difficult as you think, or take as long as you fear and I am here to help you to map it all out.