I need help getting Clients


You are good at what you do – you know that Businesses need what you are offering – so why does it seem to be taking forever to get going?

How are you supposed to know what you need to do and why did no-one tell you that you were going to need to be some kind of Sales and Marketing Expert?!

The first few years after you launch your Consultancy Business can be tough going – you are on a steep curve learning the skills you need to make the transition from Employee to Business Owner, money is very tight, everything you do or want to do seems to cost a small fortune, no-one you speak to seems to be interested in the services that you are offering , you had no idea there were so many other HR Professionals offering Consultancy Services, even when someone does seem interested it never seems to turn into paid work.

Everyone you meet is full of well meaning advice and ideas but nothing seems to work and you don’t know what you are doing from one day to the next – and while you are prepared to take on a wide range of work while you build up your client base you don’t really want to be predominantly doing Employment Contracts and Handbooks when you are used to working at a much higher level and you have so much more to offer.

Well here is the good news  

You are struggling because you are still approaching the search for Client work as though you were looking for a job.  You are the CEO of your business now – you can decide who you want to work with, what type of work you want to do and what type of business you create. You don’t have to just take any work that you can find, you can achieve financial stability and freedom – but in order to achieve these things you will need to stop thinking like an Employee and start thinking like the Business Owner that you are now.

And I am here to help you to do just that.