Can you really use Social Media to find HR Consultancy Clients?


In my experience a lot of HR Professionals are very wary of using Social Media as a business building tool – so beyond posting occasionally on LinkedIn a lot of you are tending to steer clear.

It’s not all that surprising given that Social Media (mis)use by employees is often a huge problem for Employers and by extension for those of us in the HR department dealing with the consequences. So we end up feeling like social media and business would really e better off having nothing to do with each other at all.

So maybe you don’t think that Social Media is not really the right tool to be using to market your HR Consultancy practice.  After all most HR Consultants are not doing much more than setting up a LinkedIn profile, sending out the occasional tweet, maybe creating a Facebook business page that they don’t use all that much so if they aren’t doing it then there’s probably a good reason right?

Here are a few figures to think about; (Figures for September 2016)

  • Facebook – 1.32 Billion active users
  • Twitter – 255 Million active users
  • LinkedIn – 300 Million active users
  • Google Plus – 300 Million active users
  • You Tube – 4 Billion views per day

That’s a huge number of people to not be talking to.  Can you imagine how many of those people are business owners with employees or know people who are?

So what is stopping you?

  • Maybe you just can’t figure out how it works
  • Maybe you feel that you haven’t got the time to commit to it
  • Maybe you don’t think it is the right platform for HR Professionals
  • Maybe you don’t think you need it
  • Maybe you worry about coming across as unprofessional
  • Maybe you have tried it but feel like it didn’t work

The fact is that your potential clients, the people you are looking for and the people that are looking for YOU are using social media and they are on there every single day, in their hundreds of thousands.

So maybe it is time to shelve that story you have been telling yourself about social media not really being right for HR and take action today to find out what you need to do to make it work for you and for your business.

It’s a huge missed opportunity if you don’t.