I know you want to able to figure out this business success journey  and how frustrating it is to feel like you can’t seem to do that when other people seem to wake up one day with a good idea and then start making a million pounds a month straight out of the gate. 

I know that you have downloaded all the guides, signed up to all the webinars, followed (kind of) all the advice, spent half your life wondering what to do and the other half trying to figure out if what you decided to do was the right thing. 

I’m Tracey Hopkins and I am a Business Vision and Strategy Coach helping Independent HR Consultants  to create businesses that they love.

My focus is helping you to figure out what kind of business you want and how much income you want to generate with that business, what kind of work you want to do and who you want to work with,  how you want to structure your business and how you want to package up and sell your services.

Then we use the enormous power and potential of LinkedIn to help you to find the right clients so that you achieve all of that.

Sounds impossible?

It’s very possible.

The only question is – are you ready to get started?